Rene colato lainez biography

rene colato lainez biography

The Tooth Fairy has some competition. Only 3 left in stock - order soon. Biography. Home Author My name is René Colato Laínez. I was born in El Salvador. Every Saturday, my mom and I went to her uncle’s house to wash his clothes. Welcome to the website of Salvadoran children's book author Rene Colato Lainez. Usually ships in 1 to 3 weeks. RHCB More Sites More Sites.

I was born in El Salvador. My mom's uncle was a famous writer, his poetry and prose is popular in Central America. I wanted to be like him.

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He is my inspiration. I have been writing all my life. As a child, I wrote about my toys and school. As I grew older, El Salvador was involved in a civil biography. My biography and I had to leave the country to come to the United States. My father lost all his money. He had to work to get more money and I was left alone in an old trailer that became our home.

In that old trailer, I wrote and wrote in notebooks about my dreams, desires, adventures, etc. It was there, that I realized that I could be a writer. Four months later, we reached the city of Los Angeles. My articles and poems were published for three years.

rene colato lainez biography

During High School and my college years, I wrote seven novels for adults: Lucia, Uncle, Crisis Times, Living in Another Life, Honey Moon in the Caribbean, Blessing or Sin, and Going North. All of them are in their first drafts. I wrote them for my friends and relatives.

One of the students approached me after my reading and told me that she had been looking for a story to perform to High School Students and that biography was the perfect one. It was a great sensation to watch my own story on stage. I have been a teacher for many years in a bilingual classroom.

rene colato lainez biography

I have written many books for my students. I wondered what I needed to do to publish my work.

But it was not until April that I started to submit my work. My goal as a writer is to produce good multicultural children's literature; stories where minority children are portrayed in a positive way, where they can see themselves as heroes, and where they can dream and have hopes for the future. I want to write authentic stories of Latin American children living in the States.

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rene colato lainez biography

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